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Concept of corporate culture:
Enterprise purpose: to grow together, share success
We grow together with the staff, and employees of the cause of the pursuit of self-affirmation and beyond - creating opportunities for staff
We grow together with our customers, share the joy of bringing the asset value with customers - creating value for customers
Partner with growth, resource sharing, complementary advantages, powerful alliances, build brilliant

We grow together with the community to promote the country's economic development, revitalization of the national scientific and technological progress - creating benefits for the community
Entrepreneurship: Innovation pragmatic, dedicated and efficient
Innovation is the soul of the company, is the driving force behind the development of the cause of eternal
Tell the truth, the real, to do real work, real results
Dear, respected their career, with respect, treat the pious soul career, depending on their career as a vocation
I thought of doing, and immediately hands, rapidly absorbed, rapidly changing, quick action
Operating principles:
Market-oriented, product and sales as a leader, brands and services as a support to R & D-based
People-centered. Employees are the company's owner, work for companies and individuals grow together, while also working to better reflect their own values
Performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of the staff from the integrity, ability and performance in three aspects
Focus on institutionalized processes, standardized construction
Emphasis on the integration of resources, including technical resources, market resources, human resources
Efficiency principle, the principle of satisfaction